Food Photos: The Amazingly Delicious Market Place Restaurant in Downtown Asheville

Salad at Market Place Restaurant Asheville NC

“…that was the best salad I ever had in my life!” were the exact words that came out of her mouth. And after I tasted it, I knew why. Chef William Dissen took over this fabulous restaurant many years ago, and brought it to the next level with his team. I recently bumped into him at the Newark Airport while I was heading into NYC, and he was heading to the World Food Summit in Copenhagen. Food is his life, and anyone that has spent any amount of time with the Chef, knows his passion for good and healthy foods.

Mac & Cheese at Marketplace Asheville Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants where I make sure that I get the macaroni and cheese. Maybe the best I have ever had, or one of the top at least. Anyway, simple perfection!

Scallops at Market Place Restaurant Asheville

Need I say more? This photo should be enough to communicate how delicious these scallops were! Order these immediately.

Lamb at Market Place Asheville Restaurant

Braised Lamb cooked to perfection with house-made pasta. Wow, incredible dish!!!

Dessert at Marketplace Restaurant Asheville NC

I was full, but had to get dessert to cap off this first class evening. I have an amazing meal each and every time I eat here, so definitely put this on your sure-shot list of places to eat in downtown Asheville North Carolina. Check out the Market Place website for more info.

Global Italian Cuisine in Weaverville North Carolina

When you think about Weaverville, you think about the suburbs of Asheville… mountains, farms, straw hats, overalls, daisy dukes, farm tractors driving down the road, folks you don’t know waving at you, and a cute little Main Street. Well it used to be that way, but now it’s expanding greatly as new people are moving to the area, and people living in Asheville are moving there because the cost of living is less. Along with that comes more restaurants, and some of them you will not hear much about unless your hand is on the pulse. The Glass Onion is one of those Italian eateries that you really need to know about. They are worth making the drive to Weaverville (15 minutes north of downtown Asheville); and if you are visiting & passing through, get off of the exit, because they are about 5 minutes from the highway, right in the middle of downtown. Anyway, I’m not a food reviewer and they didn’t pay me to say all that. I’m a PR specialist that loves delicious eats, taking food photos and videos, and then sharing them with you. So here they are…

Beet Salad at Glass Onion in Weaverville NC

Pear and Beet Salad to start the dinner right!

Seafood at Glass Onion Weaverville NC

This was the amazing market fish special, so delicious!

Lasagna at Glass Onion Italian Weaverville NC

Some traditional lasagna on the table of course, and prepared some well!

Cheesecake at Glass Onion Weaverville NC

Cheesecake, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. Sounds like a party to me!

Tiramisu at Glass Onion Weaverville NC

The Tiramisu was so yummy, and different from most of the others I’ve ever tasted. I really liked it. I think that after all of these years, I now have a new favorite restaurant in Weaverville NC. See the Glass Onion website for more information.