Launching a Video Campaign for Your Business

Let’s face it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can speak tens of thousands. It’s like math, simple addition when you think about it. And it’s kind of strange that Television (video) took over the planet many years ago by storm, yet marketing companies today are still shunning video, or putting it on the back burner. At this time, video is the number one form of media. Here’s why:

  • With video, you do not need to communicate with words. A scene, view, person, environment, body language – all of these things speak volumes, but without video, much of this would be lost.
  • Viewers like videos. Viewing while listening to the narration – it’s just the way we like it. Customers are 25 times more likely to click on a video instead of an image or banner ad.
  • People like to share videos. So much, that they share it over 1000% more than standard text and image marketing.
  • Videos are great for SEO. You are 40+ times more likely to end up on the first page of Google with a video, than standard text results.
  • Half of all mobile user traffic is video, more than any other form of media. If you want to reach them, add video marketing to your plan.

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, a video PR and marketing plan can put you and your business at the top of your class. And it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Social videos can range from $100 – $500, while quick production Pro videos can range from $500 – $1500 depending on the footage needed and time involved. And as you can see by the statistics above, video is a wise investment and produces the most ROI for your buck. You really need to make video become a big part of your PR and Marketing plan if you want to keep your voice and relevance.

You can see some of our video samples here:

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G Social Media is based in Asheville North Carolina, can travel to where you are, and initiate a video campaign for your business.

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Video Storytelling with SEO and Social Media Marketing in Mind

video storytelling

Creating a video is not a simple act. Just like any successful project, there are several key ingredients that can make a video either get ignored, or enter the realm of a “watchable” production. From there we can make it enjoyable. Part of our social media and SEO work includes building “outside” content such as blogs, videos, podcasts and graphics to reinforce the story that we are trying to tell on the website. It starts with a web page; then moves to a video production, blog post, social media campaign, tracking and analytics. You are not looking to get a huge amount of clicks; but you do want targeted and quality clicks. You want to make sure the video is properly indexed on YouTube, Vimeo, plus other similar platforms and search engines that offer up video search results. So SEO is very important when it comes to video. It is sad that many times I see incredible productions that cannot be found because of something as simple as the video title and description was inadequate.

A Videographers job is never done. The creation of the video is just the beginning. It starts with plan, a strategy, a story. Then moves to shooting the scenes, doing interviews and gathering photos. Next is the production of the video, the title, the text description; putting all of these items together to deliver a great communicative tool that informs and calls to action. Nowadays, once the video is done, it needs to be distributed properly or it does not matter. Starting with social media outlets and sharing is important. Uploading the video to Facebook is a great move. Posting a link to the video on Facebook is a shortcut many take. Also, embed it on your website, and then do an embed post on a blog with some SEO optimized text to go along with it. Always remember to put a live clickable link (http://www…) in the video description. This could be back to your website, fundraiser and other online presences. You do not want the end of the video to leave them hanging. What are they supposed to do now? Lead them with a link to the next move; if there is one of course.

Video storytelling has a lot to do with attitude as well. You want vibrant personality in your video. A transfer of enthusiasm. You need true creativity! And.. you want a Videographer who, if their style shows through the production at all, it is a great vibe. Many times when you watch a video, you are seeing and feeling both the people on camera, and the person taking/producing the video. When creating a video, find out a story, something interesting, history, a thread; make a video that people want to watch and listen to. Stop selling! So many folks have such a great story to tell. Help them communicate their message in style, a great presentation, something to think about. I love when my mind says “Nice!” after watching a production. We are in the middle of a huge 25 video project and we are having a great time learning about the certain industry, meeting amazing people, and contributing the expertise of our clients to the world of video. One of our Videographers is heading up to New York City in a few weeks as well to capture the essence of a client of ours in action. Then… we produce our Masterpiece!