Food Photos: The Amazingly Delicious Market Place Restaurant in Downtown Asheville

“…that was the best salad I ever had in my life!” were the exact words that came out of her mouth. And after I tasted it, I knew why. Chef William Dissen took over this fabulous restaurant many years ago, and brought it to the next level with his team. I recently bumped into him at the Newark Airport while I was heading into NYC, and he was heading to the World Food Summit in Copenhagen. Food is his life, and anyone that has spent any amount of time with the Chef, knows his passion for good and healthy foods.

This is one of the restaurants where I make sure that I get the macaroni and cheese. Maybe the best I have ever had, or one of the top at least. Anyway, simple perfection!

Need I say more? This photo should be enough to communicate how delicious […]

Food Photos: Sake & a Hot Pot at The Noodle Shop in Downtown Asheville

I have to say, that out of all of the Asian food restaurants in the Asheville area, this little hole-in-the-wall noodle shop in downtown Asheville takes the cake for me when it comes to atmosphere, which directly contributes to my overall experience. I remember my mother taking me out to eat Chinese food in Brooklyn New York. There were plenty of to-go joints, but every once in awhile, we would sit at a more authentic Chinese restaurant, and I remember them being a lot like The Noodle Shop.

Anyway, we eat here regularly. Not only is the atmosphere and staff awesome, but they are located in the center of downtown Asheville where all of the action is. So do not be surprised if you hear some busking, a protest happening, or a nun passing by on a bicycle.

I always like to get the House Sizzling […]

KC Tap + Table – Eating at the Marriott – Kansas City Airport

Hotel restaurants don’t necessarily have a good name, and sometimes their food follows suit. It’s supply and demand. You are hungry, and the closest place to eat is at the hotel where you are staying. Convenience, but maybe at the cost of quality. When I arrived at the Kansas City Airport, I headed over to the Marriott and I was hungry. The name of the restaurant inside was KC tap + table. I never expected that this hotel restaurant & bar would be so great. Not only did the staff welcome us with open arms, but the food & drinks were kind of amazing!

The Ahi Tuna plate was amazing, with a mustard type sauce to go along with it!

I only eat Crab Cakes that have lots of crab, and these did. So delicious!

The Flatbread Pesto Pizza was so […]