Food Photos: 4 Italian Cuisine Restaurants You Must Visit in Asheville

Italian food has a lot of meanings, and around Asheville, you will find several types of Italian eats. Now I’m not talking about the spots around town that serve mostly traditional Italian food; and others like Table, Jargon, and Rezaz that sometimes feature Italian inspired dishes. But I am talking about the ones that focus solely on Italian cuisine, and do it so well. So here are four Asheville area restaurants that you must try for an amazing Italian cuisine experience:

1. Modesto – this delicious restaurant is located in downtown Asheville, in the Grove Arcade building. Click the Facebook icon below to see the full post:

2. Cucina 24 – located on Asheville’s Wall Street, and their food is incredible.

3. Chiesa – seated off the beaten path, about 3 minutes from downtown Asheville, is this heavenly fare.

4. Glass Onion – located […]

Food Video: Korean Barbecue Tabletop Grilling in Asheville NC

Me and the family were hungry, so we headed to downtown Asheville and ended up having a great experience. I pulled my camera out to capture some foodie video footage, and I am glad I did.

When I first heard of Korean Barbecue, I quickly imagined pulled pork with some type of Korean barbecue sauce or something.  Not the case. By barbecue, it means grilling it, and if you want the full experience, then you should make sure you go to a Korean restaurant that has tabletop grilling. Luckily, Asheville has one. Now we have had this experience a couple of times, in China and also NYC, and each time there is something unique about each of the spots. At some Korean restaurants, you take your shoes off and you have floor seating where you sit down with some pillows around you and a table with […]

Global Italian Cuisine in Weaverville North Carolina

When you think about Weaverville, you think about the suburbs of Asheville… mountains, farms, straw hats, overalls, daisy dukes, farm tractors driving down the road, folks you don’t know waving at you, and a cute little Main Street. Well it used to be that way, but now it’s expanding greatly as new people are moving to the area, and people living in Asheville are moving there because the cost of living is less. Along with that comes more restaurants, and some of them you will not hear much about unless your hand is on the pulse. The Glass Onion is one of those Italian eateries that you really need to know about. They are worth making the drive to Weaverville (15 minutes north of downtown Asheville); and if you are visiting & passing through, get off of the exit, because they are about 5 minutes from the […]