Sample Social Media Packages For Your Business

Folks are always asking for a “sample” of what a social media package for their business looks like. Believe me, it varies from business to business as not any one is identical, but we have years of putting together custom plans that are way more effective than mainstream social media. We have put together a quick sample to show you what some of these packages may consist of:

  • Content Development
    • Writing, Photos, Graphics, Videos
  • Social Media Management
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc
  • Content Distribution
    • Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc

Depending on your budget, your monthly deliverables would vary of course; but based on a $1000 a month budget, your package could include:

  1. Photo Shoot Every Other Month – For Use on Website & Social Media
  2. One (1) Social Video Every Month […]

Asheville Area Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Home Builders Wanted


As you know, the Asheville Real Estate market is booming, and many Real Estate Agents and Brokers, as well as Home Builders, have all of the business they can handle. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Some of these old school agents and teams have been around for years, and have planted a lot of relationships and transactions. Running your own business takes a lot of work. In addition to your normal builder or real estate duties, you need time to learn how to become a social media professional and how to make the best impact in your community; while raising awareness for yourself and your brand at the same time. Then it’s up to you to make that profitable. We have a plan that could help you and your business.

As some of you may know, G Social Media began marketing in […]

Food Photos at Asheville’s Best Kept Secret ATM

We have been here several times, but last night a craving arose and we raced over to eat this deliciousness. En La Calle is the place, in downtown Asheville, that is still a great little hidden spot, off the beaten path, and not much marketing except word of mouth. And now of course, my word of mouth telling you that you definitely need to make this one of your stops when you are in downtown Asheville. We had 4 courses plus dessert. And it was beyond perfect, just as our previous visits.

Course 1: Croquetas de Jaiba: lump crab, pickled radishes, roasted tomato-aji limo salsa

Course 2: Ceviche Trio

Course 3: (this was off of the secret menu)

Course 4: Grilled Toulouse Sausage, serrano mac & cheese, sofrito

Dessert: Tres Leche Cake