5 Things Your Asheville Business Needs To Do To Win In 2021

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Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Business has definitely taken a different direction in 2021. During this pandemic, so many companies had to shift their focus. Many businesses found out that their online presence is more important than ever. With that said, it is not all about online marketing. Relationship building and one-on-one interaction is what is going to seal the deal this year. But how do we get there? Here are 5 things that your business needs to focus on to make sure you are in the top 10%, in comparison to your competition:

  1. A Great Website: when people think about buying a car or a home, they are usually interested in a few things. How does it work? How does it look? How efficient is it? Will it accommodate my needs? This is how you should view your website presence. So many businesses get a website because that is the thing to do, but that website never really works for them. Your website should look good on the outside, work good on the inside; plus inform and build relationships with the people that visit it. Joe’s Websites in Asheville NC has several website packages, but start with at least a $1500 website if you are serious about your business and want a local team that you can grow with.
  2. SEO: search engine optimization is the process of making sure that your brand is not only showing up in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing; but that your website is also showing up for the targeted keywords people type in when searching for a company such as yours. Optimizing your site homepage is just the start. Page by page optimizations and premium content such as text, photos, and videos go a long way nowadays. The businesses that pay serious attention to this are the ones that will get ahead. Plus, this content can be recycled and used on your social media platforms for even more social & SEO value.
  3. Social Media: this has definitely turned into the hype word the past few years, but it will work for you business in a tremendous way if you do it right. Your company does not need to be on each and every social media platform out there, but it does need to take advantage of a select few that will surely work for you. Just like any other business, social media is a craft if you want it implemented correctly. In this industry… beware of novices, fly by night companies, and those who want to experiment on you and your company. Life is too short and you need more business. Don’t get trapped by social media that doesn’t work.
  4. Social Interaction: being on social media is great, but making it work for you is even better. This is done by socially interacting on the platforms that your company has a presence on. Many times people want to jump on social media, post, and just talk about about themselves. This is called unsocial media. Avoid this at all costs. If you are using Instagram or any other social platform, take a look at the posts of others, like them, comment on them, and build that relationship before showing up in their direct messages trying to sell them a service or product.
  5. Sales Process: knowing your products and services inside out, and having a streamline to a sale is so important. How many contacts, leads, potential clients, and existing customers do we lose because we do not have a action plan ready? A LOT. There are many CRM (customer relationship management) platforms out there that are free for small businesses. Get serious about growing your company with these amazing tools.

Do you have some more questions about establishing or growing your online presence? Contact G Social for more information. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this post.

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