Asheville Area Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Home Builders Wanted

Asheville Real Estate Agents & Home Builders Wanted


As you know, the Asheville Real Estate market is booming, and many Real Estate Agents and Brokers, as well as Home Builders, have all of the business they can handle. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Some of these old school agents and teams have been around for years, and have planted a lot of relationships and transactions. Running your own business takes a lot of work. In addition to your normal builder or real estate duties, you need time to learn how to become a social media professional and how to make the best impact in your community; while raising awareness for yourself and your brand at the same time. Then it’s up to you to make that profitable. We have a plan that could help you and your business.

As some of you may know, G Social Media began marketing in the real estate industry long ago, years before our company was actually formed. We started with SEO and our Asheville team took over the search results when it came to Real Estate and Home Building on a National level. We were selling homes all over the Country within a month. We kind of knew more than Google knew about SEO then, so it was easy. Not so much today. Today it is a battle against hundreds and thousands of other Realtors and Home Builders that are looking for buyers and sellers.

G Social Media is interested in teaming up with about 8 new Real Estate Agents and Home Builders for 2019. After years of great success all over the real estate and home building industry in Asheville, we are ready to team up with several other companies to make this a year that all of us will never forget or regret. I have clients right now with millions of dollars ($6 Million to be exact) in potential business, sitting in their email inbox, that they cannot get to and service at this time. Why? Because we built their business, and we can do the same for you.

Our Proposal: we would be your full PR (Public Relations) Team that creates and implements a plan that will include premium website work, seo, social media management, plus developing premium content such as photos, videos and blogs that will reach and speak to your target audience, making your brand stronger and directing clients to you. Serious inquiries only. If you are truly interested in taking your business to the next level as one of the top companies in the area, that is easy for us. Contact me and let’s talk.

G Social Media References

If you know anything about increasing your media, you will take the great things people say about you and your business and create a blog post or web page such as this. Some of my anti-fan club are asking right now “How does he get all of these great references?” For one, I work my ass off doing successful social media for my clients. Next, I ask people for recommendations on LinkedIn. Lastly, I use them here to market who I am and what I do. Now go ahead, stop hating, and get some of your own. Be fruitful and multiply. Haha, I feel great! Listen to what folks are saying about me. It’s pretty good…

“I can’t think of anyone I enjoy writing a recommendation for more than Gary Charles. I first worked with G Social Media in 2010. Gary is Mr. Social me and you He lives, breathes, and eats it. He has deep technical understanding of the different channels available to promote a product or service, and how each will impact a campaign.

But plenty of people can execute a good social media campiagn. What Gary brings to the situation is a business person’s drive and determination. Gary is a business professional and understands that it takes constant improvement to be the best. He was always on top of every detail and prompt to answer questions and deliver solutions. He is a business man’s social media Guru, and I would work with him again in a minute. In fact, I am at this very moment working on a new campaign. I have no doubt the results will be fantastic.”  -Kirk Adcock, ConnectMe QR

“Gary’s results speak for themselves. He knows what he’s doing and delivers the goods! thanks for the great work Gary. Would hire him again in a heartbeat.”  -Jennifer Losch, Red Dog Digital

“Gary has been a HUGE help to us in getting our social media marketing program off the ground. His expertise coupled with his well established connections and his site are a huge reason to work with Gary. He will jump start your marketing program. On top of that, he is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. Highly Recommended!”  -Chip Murison, WNC Insider

“It is a joy working with Gary – he does great work, is wonderful to work with, he’s super nice, and he’s a social media marketing guru!”  -Linda Titus, Net Site Marketing

“Gary Charles is a valued business partner to RelyLocal Asheville. His enterprises, G Social Media & Ask Asheville, have been integral parts of our strategic growth. Through assistance in developing our Social Media platforms and providing additional platforms to distribute our message, Gary continues to bring value to the table as we work together to grow our respective businesses.”  -Choya Harden, Rely Local Asheville

“Gary and I recently both spoke at a marketing communications class at UNCA. He is incredibly knowledgeable about social media and using it as a tool to market businesses. I look forward to doing more teaching events with him in the future and will certainly be recommending him to my clients. Social media and email marketing can go hand in hand so well…especially when you have a professional like Gary to help you do it the right way.”  -Kelly Denson, Lush Life Today

“Gary is THE guy for social media marketing and growing your business online. He’s passionate and truly wants to help people in new and innovative ways. Embrace the future of marketing and networking with help and direction from G Social Media and Gary!”  -Gabe Fore, New Restaurant Logic

“After reading the many recommendations for Gary, all I can say is “all true, and then some”  -Bill Hodges, Expressions in Design

“Gary Charles is taking the lead in Asheville for connecting businesses to the world of social media. Nobody in town knows the business like Gary does. Not only that, he has an enormous amount of support from the community already, thus creating an air of credibility for others to see from you once hiring Gary. Any hesitations? Don’t bother with them–just trust your gut instinct. I did, and found my business in a much better position because of it.”  -Sonia Hendrix, Push Asheville Fashion

“Gary is a highly motivated, social network guru who works tirelessly for his clients. Gary gets real results for the multiple small businesses he works for. His business is innovative, as well as a real step forward towards the future of social media.”  -Chris Hart, The Garage at Biltmore

“Gary is so passionate about what he does! He loves connecting with people and helping people. I would highly recommend Gary. I’ve seen the results of what he does for companies. No one will regret working with Gary if they want results and want their company to flourish. I have taken numerous classes with Gary. He has great examples and real life stories that people can relate to. We even asked him to help us teach a series of classes for the PWB and he did so willingly. Gary is genuine and personable and has personal qualities that are so valuable in his line of work.”  -Maria Aponte, Salon Blue Ridge

“Gary of GSocial Media is an expert social media networking advice and services in the Asheville, NC area, I highly recommend his service. Gary is very personable, easy to communicate with and truly enjoys what he does. He is very skilled and and creative. Very reliable, practical, attentive.”  -Chris Hanson, A Good Plumber

From Twitter, to Foursquare, to SCVNGR

The evolution of social media is taking place all of the time. New ways to reach out and communicate with others are being created daily. The revolution is past and we are here.

The great rave is Twitter and how we can share a simple sentence or two, be a part of a growing online community, and get amazing results. The same way we do in speaking. We break paragraphs into bullets and get straight to the point. Well… I know that some people do not try to consolidate the conversation and could use 5 minutes to tell you what they could have said in 12 seconds, but that is not “green” communication. Why waste a word when we do not need it. Why type a few extra characters that end up being useless to the convo? Tweets make us keep it simple.

Then Foursquare was the hot item on the social media market. Location Based Social Networking. We could base our interactions on where we actually were. So when I am at restaurant, I could check-in, let others know where I am, and make a comment whether good or bad about the place or experience. Facebook even copied success and created “Places” into their social network site. Fun fun for everyone.

Now the bonus comes, and SCVNGR is the key. They took the location based social networking to the next level where they give you simple challenges that sometimes force you to interact, but add bonus rewards for doing so. I call AWESOME!!! Anyway… I am currently working with the Asheville North Carolina team managed by Brett, and bridges are being built! People are stepping into the game and offering great incentives for playing at “their place” of business. Now, we finally get a bonus for this type of social media networking. Your return on investment (ROI) is already in place!

Game On!!!