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We are in the business of helping companies establish and implement an effective Public Relations, Social Media, and SEO campaign that are profitable for their brand, product, and service. Sometimes this involves a simple consultation to get them on the right track, other times we create the strategy and then guide their inside team on what to do, and then there are times where we create a successful plan from scratch and then implement it. Businesses are different and each of them deserves individual and customized attention. With that said, we are offering complimentary PR, Social Media, and SEO evaluations for companies that are serious about taking their efforts to the next level, building relationships, and increasing their business.

Here is how it works:

  1. You complete the form below with some basic information.
  2. We send you a questionnaire so we can have an overview of your company.
  3. You complete the questionnaire and send it back to us.
  4. We do the full evaluation and get back to you with a proposal according to your wants & needs.

There are no strings attached, and you are not committing to us by requesting this evaluation. Sometimes folks get the evaluation, initiate their own campaign according to it, and we never hear from them again. Other times they try on their own, do not succeed, and call us to fix it and implement it correctly. Many times they contact us to help them or their marketing team with these services, and we create a system that works and makes everybody look good. Either way, we are here to help. It is all about the end client when it gets down to it, and many times the right plan and teamwork is the key to success.

Why Is Facebook Making Social Media Longer & Harder?

Facebook F You

I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed, but Facebook has left the world of convenience, and now seems to be creating systems that make it longer and harder to get things accomplished, and thus improving their stats in a very unsocial manner. But with Facebook being the current “King” of social media platforms, we gotta do what we gotta do, and spend more and more time blindly following the pied piper, and less time balancing on other social networks, especially those that FB deems competitive.

This could be happening because Facebook, like any business, needs numbers to show. To their investors, to their advertisers, and to the media at large. For example, remember the days when you could act as your business page on Facebook and go jumping from page to page, supporting other businesses in your community? Well those days are gone. Now you have to go to each page as your individual self (that’s one click or page impression), and then change over to your business under the post that you want to interact with (that’s another click or page impression). So what used to be a one page visit, is now turned into at least a two page visitor scenario. A hassle for users, but great when it comes to Facebook numbers, showing more impressions and time on the pages.

The Facebook mobile app for business is another area of concern, for users at least. Sometimes I wonder if the folks behind the scenes, developing these apps, have ever actually used them enough to actually gauge their effectiveness. Because if so, we would not have many issues and so many other cool solutions would be implemented before we had the chance to think about them. For example, when another business mentions your business on Facebook, you cannot even view the post where they mentioned your company. You have to either go to your personal Facebook app, find the business page that mentioned you, and then still you cannot respond or interact as your business. So then you have to go to your desktop or laptop and login, and then go to your business page, then go to your notifications, find the post, and like & respond from there. Now, as of the other day, you cannot even pull up a business page on the Facebook personal app and go directly to it from the search bar. You have to search for the business name first, then they bring you to search result page, and you can then click on the business page from there. Ring Around The Rosie! How many impressions and page views does Facebook get from running us in circles like this? Lots! Come on Facebook, you are a billion dollar company, and there is no reason at all why your mobile app for business should be anything less than incredible. Unless, you want it that way.

Lets talk about Facebook and YouTube for a minute. We all know the war that was started years ago when Google tried to become social and Facebook tried to become a search engine. Google ended up failing terribly with their “Wave” social media platform. Then later on they made an even bigger blunder by forcing everyone that had a Google account to get a Google + Page, and then using those statistics to claim that Google + was the next big thing. Meanwhile, while Google was distracted, Facebook started planting their video seed, and it has since grown roots enough that YouTube is just about a thing of the past. And on top of that, Facebook has now entered the “Search” world, more of a social search instead of a search engine, and is now a big threat to the Google search box we fell in love with years ago. Maybe you have already noticed, but over the past year or so, the majority of times you click on a YouTube post from Facebook, it will not take you to the video. They can call it a glitch, but I believe it is more about Facebook blocking you from leaving their website, forcing you to forget about clicking over to that video, and find something else to do on their platform.

That brings me to Facebook Videos. When they first started, they let you upload a video and add a call to action, where someone could watch the video and then click over to a website or some place for more information. Facebook has since removed that, because they do not want you leaving their social media platform. They could have at least allowed the call to action buttons to go to a Facebook page that you designate, but no, because that would compete with their ad revenue model for page promotions. So for now, we have to manually add a link into the description of each video post.

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to feel that Facebook is not my friend anymore, and that social connection is about to be lost. It’s kind of like we lost the spark of when we first fell in love. We tried to get back together to make it work, but as of right now, my relationship status with you is complicated. Am I going to run out and start my own social network? No, but I hope your strategists find a better way to help us connect and save time, instead of watching us work harder for less results.

When Social Media Steals Your Photography

Photography is something that takes a moment, and makes it timeless. The importance of it is invaluable. Without a photo, that experience may be lost forever. How many times have we had some amazing times, only to regret that we did not take photos. Any time that I hear someone say “should we hire a photographer?”… my answer is yes, even before I know what the occasion is.

Now there are several types of professional photographers out there. You have some that specialize in weddings, pets, kids, landscape, architecture, fashion, music, food, and so much more. And many times these cannot overlap. A wedding photographer does not just decide that they are going to do a culinary photo shoot and make it tastefully successful. We are talking about specialists here, which means that the more they diversify, the more their prime area of skill could be diluted.

Photography is an art. There are so many professional photographers who put their blood, sweat and tears into creating a photo that will speak to our emotions, tell a story, and spark a flame. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; and many more if it is communicated and distributed properly.

Western North Carolina Mountains by Sabrina L Greene

Recently, a photographer in Western North Carolina named Sabrina L. Greene sent AskAsheville a beautiful mountain photo so they could share it on their Facebook page. She took the time to watermark it as instructed, and the photo received many likes, interactions and shares. Sabrina was so excited to see the photo that she took the time to take and edit, reach so many people and brighten their day. It wasn’t but 24 hours and a company that features photos on social media took her photo off of our Facebook page post, removed the bottom part of the photo with her signature watermark, and shared it on their Twitter platform with only credit to themselves. To a photographer and their piece of art, this is a heartbreaking theft to say the least.

Asheville Stolen Photography

The photo was shared many times from their account, including by the City of Asheville, who shared it on their Twitter account and Facebook page giving credit to the “thieves” who stole it. As far as they knew, it belonged to the company who shared it. Sabrina’s heart sunk. Her work was being abused and then reused by the community, without any credit to her… the one who owned it. The account that originally took the photo features many great photos from all over North Carolina, which made us wonder if more of their photos are used without express permission from or credit to the photographer, whether novice or professional. I see them crediting and linking to certain other photographers, so are photographers who are not close to them robbed of their work? And not just this company, but so many others who use the property of others for their own personal and social gain, never thinking about who deserves proper credit.

We work with photographers constantly when it comes to PR, websites, SEO, and social media… so we have a few tips for you. Hiding your photography so nobody will steal it is not the answer. Putting it out there in the right manner, and then people being responsible when sharing and using it is essential.

To Photographers

  1. When posting a photo, always try to watermark it, even if it is a quick signature or logo that you can add to the bottom. We use an App called PicsArt when we are mobile, and we use iPiccy for quick desktop solution to do this. Most professional photographers have Photoshop or a similar photo editing software that they use.
  2. Post the photo somewhere that can be documented… whether to your website, blog, Twitter, or Facebook account. This allows for a public time/date stamp on your post and photo.

To People Who Borrow, Share, or Use The Photography of Others

  1. Whether the person who took the photo is a professional career photographer, does it as a hobby, or is just an everyday person who took a photo on their phone; that photography is still their property.
  2. When sharing from Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms; it is best to share directly from original post made by the owner of the photo or the photographer who posted it. This allows for proper credit to who originally posted it.
  3. Never remove a photographers watermark as you are cutting the connection the Artist has attached to their work.
  4. If you must download and reshare a photo that is not watermarked, give linked credit to their Facebook page, Twitter account, or website; and/or add watermarked credit to the photo yourself.
  5. If you must download and reshare a watermarked photo, give linked credit to their Facebook page, Twitter account, or website.

Do you have a few other tips we can add to this post? Comment below and let us know!

Also, see this article on Copyright Infringement when it comes to Photography that Corporal Bruno shared with us on Twitter when this whole photo theft deal surfaced.

In the end, respecting other people’s property is the solution. If there is a question about it, err on the side of giving too much credit to the person to whom it is due.