Facebook Adds Call To Action Buttons Back, But Only On Paid Boosts

Just a few months ago, it was a free-for-all on Facebook when it came to videos. They were just getting off the ground and gave us all of the options at our fingertips, including a “call to action” button that we could add to the end of our videos.

That has since been taken away, but now it has arose from the dead once again, but this time on paid boosts. Facebook doesn’t like to send folks away from their website unless they are making money off of it, so now the call to action button has become a benefit of paying and boosting your posts. But once your boost ends, the call to action button disappears, so nothing permanent like the way they had it before.

One workaround is that you can always add the call to action link at the end of the post […]

Picsart Photo Editor App Gets A New Logo & Features

Picsart has been one of my favorite mobile apps for editing photos, making collages, and other fun tricks to enhance my pictures on the go. Using the controls they offer, I am able to take any photo, make it look better, and communicate a message with it. It has been a great asset in my social media tool arsenal. Just the other day, Picsart launched a new logo as you can see in the photo below, as well as some new features like their “Magic” button which offers several artistic filters. Anyway, if you have never tried the Picsart mobile app, you should. I did and never turned back. Thank you!

Google Announces The New G Suite

Just about everyone has heard of Google Apps, but now the name is changing to G Suite to better reflect the mission of all these wonderful tools that so many of us use on a daily basis – Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and lots more.