Asheville Video Marketing – Your #1 Option

Asheville video marketing has become the number one choice for businesses who want to advance in 2019. What are you doing to grow your brand online, speak to your existing clients, and gain more exposure in front of potential clientele? If it is not video, then you are falling behind. Your words come and go, a photo appears and then the relevance is timed; but video lasts forever… always ready to speak to your audience.

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How To Market Your Business Properly Online in Asheville, or Wherever


Marketing your business is a tough thing to do if you really knew all of the facts. As soon as someone announces that they are opening up a business in Asheville, a bunch of companies start coming at them from all ends to help, or at least try to. From web designers, to marketing agencies, social media managers, graphic designers, and PR firms; not to mention advertisers… they all want a piece of the pie. So how do you determine the best steps to take while starting and building your brand and company? I have put together a list of 7 things that you will need to market your business properly online in Asheville:

  1. A brand that communicates your message and that is set up to grow. If you want to really establish your company, you must start with the basics. Creating the brand […]

Launching a Video Campaign for Your Business

Let’s face it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can speak tens of thousands. It’s like math, simple addition when you think about it. And it’s kind of strange that Television (video) took over the planet many years ago by storm, yet marketing companies today are still shunning video, or putting it on the back burner. At this time, video is the number one form of media. Here’s why:

  • With video, you do not need to communicate with words. A scene, view, person, environment, body language – all of these things speak volumes, but without video, much of this would be lost.
  • Viewers like videos. Viewing while listening to the narration – it’s just the way we like it. Customers are 25 times more likely to click on a video instead of an image or banner ad.
  • People like to share […]