Asheville Social Media for Your Business

Asheville social media helps build both business to customer and business to business relationships. If you are not using social media to it’s fullest extent, then you are missing out on revenue. There are so many missed opportunities and lost customers because folks simply do not know who you are, what your business is about, and how you can serve them. Social media is the leading form of communication, with video being the best media. If you are in the Asheville area, we can come to your place of business and show you what we can do for your company in 30, 60, 90 days; and so on from there.

How To Market Your Business Properly Online in Asheville, or Wherever

Marketing Your Business in Asheville


Marketing your business is a tough thing to do if you really knew all of the facts. As soon as someone announces that they are opening up a business in Asheville, a bunch of companies start coming at them from all ends to help, or at least try to. From web designers, to marketing agencies, social media managers, graphic designers, and PR firms; not to mention advertisers… they all want a piece of the pie. So how do you determine the best steps to take while starting and building your brand and company? I have put together a list of 7 things that you will need to market your business properly online in Asheville:

  1. A brand that communicates your message and that is set up to grow. If you want to really establish your company, you must start with the basics. Creating the brand and logo should never be left to a designer alone, it is a team effort and more important than many think. It’s a careful process where you take in account the type of business it is, what it’s purpose is, and who your ideal client is. Your company culture, mentality and mission can be communicated through not only your brand, but your logo as well.
  2. A website home base. Unless you have a storefront, and even if you do; many times your website is still your main headquarters online. A visitor to your website only knows what they see there. Website visitors do not usually have the opportunity to meet you in person and learn about your business. Your website is the first and lasting impression they have of you and your company. There are many elements in web development to consider, but the main three are design, site navigation/flow, and content. Get these items taken care of and your website will shine. Now you just have to get people to it. There are many ways to do this, but the main way is to add new content to your website regularly, whether it be a blog post or new page. Then post that new page or post to your social media outlets to gain new traffic to your website.
  3. Social media. Building relationships is the new business and social media is here to make that happen. Determine which social media platforms are best for your business and make accounts on them. Many times we secure brands on all platforms should you wish to use them in the future for a specific purpose. This is your communication hub and your business is socially known through your social media. Pay big attention to this.
  4. Public relations. Maybe you do not need a big PR firm to start, but you should have a vision established on what your brand’s voice is, how you will appear to the public, and how you will consistently communicate moving forward. Once established, you can find plenty of ways to get integrated in the community, with non-profits, and other organizations in the area that will complement your business.
  5. Consistent content and information. People want to know what you are doing, what products you have, what services you are providing, and what’s happening right now with your business. Posting great consistent content to your social media outlets is a must, without exception. Relationships will not be built and growth is stifled if you do not have content. Then the level of content becomes key. You need a plan where you are posting things that matter and things that your specific viewers want to see. You can do this through text, photos/images/graphics, and videos.
  6. Advertising outlets. There are many places that you can advertise in the local community, but don’t do it. First things first – get your own brand established so the folks you are advertising to see something great when they land on your website or social media outlets. Then maybe check out a few places on a smaller level to kind of test the waters, without over-committing on a lengthy contract, only to find out later that the advertising you were sold does not really work, or did not work for you at least.
  7. A great team. It’s pretty much impossible to do all of these things successfully and make a business successful at the same time, so you need a team. When you do decide to hire some folks, build a team that cares about your business, what you represent, and knows how to make your business grow; both online and off. See their portfolios, check out their LinkedIn page, and see what they have really done. Just getting by and doing good enough, is simply not enough. Make sure they are great, because marketing your business online properly is not achieved without greatness.

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Asheville Area Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Home Builders Wanted

Asheville Real Estate Agents & Home Builders Wanted


As you know, the Asheville Real Estate market is booming, and many Real Estate Agents and Brokers, as well as Home Builders, have all of the business they can handle. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Some of these old school agents and teams have been around for years, and have planted a lot of relationships and transactions. Running your own business takes a lot of work. In addition to your normal builder or real estate duties, you need time to learn how to become a social media professional and how to make the best impact in your community; while raising awareness for yourself and your brand at the same time. Then it’s up to you to make that profitable. We have a plan that could help you and your business.

As some of you may know, G Social Media began marketing in the real estate industry long ago, years before our company was actually formed. We started with SEO and our Asheville team took over the search results when it came to Real Estate and Home Building on a National level. We were selling homes all over the Country within a month. We kind of knew more than Google knew about SEO then, so it was easy. Not so much today. Today it is a battle against hundreds and thousands of other Realtors and Home Builders that are looking for buyers and sellers.

G Social Media is interested in teaming up with about 8 new Real Estate Agents and Home Builders for 2019. After years of great success all over the real estate and home building industry in Asheville, we are ready to team up with several other companies to make this a year that all of us will never forget or regret. I have clients right now with millions of dollars ($6 Million to be exact) in potential business, sitting in their email inbox, that they cannot get to and service at this time. Why? Because we built their business, and we can do the same for you.

Our Proposal: we would be your full PR (Public Relations) Team that creates and implements a plan that will include premium website work, seo, social media management, plus developing premium content such as photos, videos and blogs that will reach and speak to your target audience, making your brand stronger and directing clients to you. Serious inquiries only. If you are truly interested in taking your business to the next level as one of the top companies in the area, that is easy for us. Contact me and let’s talk.