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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has been part of our web services for many years. Usually we started out by doing a full PR evaluation where we looked at every single aspect of your business, the website itself being a big part of it. Then a website is only as good as it could be found by an audience or delivered to one, so SEO became a high priority for us. We tried it a long time ago, we did okay, we tried again, and did better, and tried again, finally succeeding on one project after another. On the new websites that we create here at our Asheville home base, we usually do the SEO from scratch. Many other times when existing websites are brought to us, it is more of a “rescue” type operation where the company did not know what SEO was or what to expect, and trusted what others thought would work. We come on the scene and go page by page, line by line, showing and educating the owners what is needed and how we are going to fix it. Then we do it!