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PR & Social Media For Real Estate

PR & Social Media for Real Estate

Real Estate social media and public relations is something that we have been doing for many years. As a matter of fact, my marketing career began in the home builder and real estate industry. That became so successful that I refused to take on any other clients than those companies that I was personally invested in. Then the market crashed and we decided that we were going to break into other markets. But social media for Realtors and real estate agencies has always been close to our hearts.

Now real estate social media may seem simple from the outside, but there are several things that could be done to make your efforts stand out from the thousands of others who are all doing the same thing. Like I teach in all of my classes, social media is about building relationships, and what better career is there than real estate to do just that. People are contacting you about making one of the biggest decisions, and probably the biggest buying decision, they will ever make it their lives. You have the privilege to be a part of this process. Here is your chance to make this a positive relationship that could last a lifetime.

Even though you are in real estate “sales”, do not be a salesperson. Be a real person, a friend, a consultant to the people as needed. The best way to think about it is “if I were them, what would I need”, and let this guide you.

When it comes to a social media strategy for real estate, here are a few ways to plan:

  1. Determine which platforms you are going to use to help you in real estate. Of course Facebook is a great choice for just about any business, but also consider Instagram as you will have access to plenty of photos and you could use them to enhance your presence and exposure on here. Then there is YouTube where you can upload videos, and gain a lot of SEO value. Facebook is also good for videos, but this is more for the people who have already liked your page. Then there is Twitter, and you can use this platform to not only build a strong audience, but you can also feed a lot of your other social media outlets into it. So whether you are posting on Facebook, or adding a photo to Instagam, or uploading a video to YouTube; it can all automatically funnel out through Twitter.
  2. Choose the real estate and community content that you will be sending out regularly. Videos, photography, articles and other information about real estate as well as your local area should be a part of this. Blog posts should also be part of the plan. Articles that are helpful to potential homebuyers will drive customers to your website, and in turn, possibly contact you. And when you write, do not just write about homes and real estate. Branch out a little and write about something wonderful in your community. Human interest stories can many times be a lot more effective than the same old sales pitches that we have heard a thousand times.
  3. Set your social media schedule. The only way many of us get anything done is because we take a minute to put it on our schedule, and then we do it when we are notified that it is due.
  4. Make friends. Nobody likes a Realtor or any other industry professional who just goes online to talk about themselves and their properties. Make a Facebook list of businesses in the area that you are interested in and visit them regularly, liking, commenting and sharing their posts. Every post you do does not have to revolve around real estate.