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PR, Marketing & Social Media for Franchise Businesses

Public relations and marketing for Franchises is where G Social Media out of Asheville North Carolina can come in and make a huge difference, for the Franchise Owners as well as each of the individual franchised locations. Franchisees need support, they need exposure, and they need a plan to highlight their location in the middle of all of the competition that is out there, both locals and other franchises. That is exactly what we do. We come in as consultants, working with you and/or your existing PR and Marketing Team, if you have one in place; do a full evaluation, then implementation, and make your reach more sociable, more authentic, more findable.

Although we are based in Asheville, we can travel to each of your franchise locations monthly, developing and gathering content for the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. It’s all about quality content, and documenting your story is essential for long term growth. Then building on it is your next step. Does it seem a little overwhelming? It is. It’s a lot of work, because you are not only living and working your story, but attempting to document it professionally as well. That is where we can help. We are here to make that happen for you by creating the plan of action, developing media that people want to see, and delivering results each and every time, guaranteed.

First we get the Franchise brand established strong when it comes to public relations, and then we initiate a plan of action for a website and social media that actually works for you, optimizing these platforms and filling them with great content. Once that is in place, you are ready to put yourself out there to start marketing correctly and strategically.

The two main places Franchises stumble when it comes to PR, Marketing, and Social Media are:

  1. The Franchiser controls all of the social media from the top, usually from the main corporate headquarters. Although it could be effective when implemented properly, it is usually generalized and bland, with no local or personal application.
  2. Others allow franchisees to plan and initiate all of their media on their own. This opens the doors for inadequate planning, inconsistency, and many times a big fail when it comes to presentation, delivery, and success.

We can take care of these items and make it seamless for the Franchise Owners as well as the Franchisees, allowing you to do what you know best… focusing on your business, products, services, and customers.