A Quick Simple Overview of Twitter Tips & some How To

Sign In Page – Twitter.com: This is where you type your Username and Password to access your account.

Once you are logged in, you will see your home page. This is your “landing page”. There are 2 home buttons on your Twitter page. One on the top bar and one in the side bar. This is where you will see the updates of everyone you follow in real time. You can look and see the latest updates or “tweets” that the people you follow are posting. You may see some that say “less than 5 seconds ago”, “less than 10 seconds ago”, “half a minute ago”, etc. You will also see a top box where you can answer the question “What are you doing?” In this box, you can literally post exactly what you are doing, a new idea you have, a quote […]

The Social Media Star by G Social Media – How Social Media Works

Here is an example of how social media connects, reaches out, pulls in and works for you and your company. Of course there are many other platforms and ways that could be added to this; but we want you to understand how this works without overloading you. In the next illustration, I will show you how each of these outlets reach a wide variety of people. Social Media is here to stay and superior communications and effectively connecting with people, friends, fans, followers & customers is what many of our businesses have been waiting for. Door to door, endless hours playing phone tag, and paper advertising is losing a lot of ground. Connectivity like this is awesome! Thank you Social Media! This illustration and concept is property of G Social Media and may be used with proper accreditation, with approval. You can also visit […]

A Little More about G Social Media

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We have many websites, references, and success stories of what I have done for business after business in Asheville and some around the globe, whether they have a website or not. One business has clients driving in from out of State for her […]