Escaping Spam and or Porn on Twitter

Note: Keep in mind that spam and or porn may be desired by some users. I am in no way condoning it, but in all business sense, the supply would not be there without the demand. If people were not clicking on these links, it would be a dead end for them and unprofitable to continue.

Let me say that totally escaping spam, porn, and solicitations will probably never happen. Of course I know people who make it their mission to find, block, remove, and expose such, but this is a obsession with little fruit. Yes, you may have finally had them flagged, but you have lost hours of time you could have spent promoting your visions and building your business. I have clients that will not consistently tweet, but they will hunt spammers down and call me at midnight to say they found some porn account […]

Why We Hate Social Media… the tale of "her"

A tale of Social Media by G:

1. Social Media is New: Have you ever seen a new person come into “your business” or the company you have been working for and just soar? I mean, here she comes strutting her stuff in MY place, an area I have worked for years and years. She looks HOT! But I would never say because she competes with everything I know and have been trained to think. So I am predjudiced. Mr. Web Designer and Mr. Code Man both say they know her somewhat, but those are vague terms that “they” say about anything that looks good. She is fast, friendly, and boy does she get the job done! Her name is Social Media… […]

7 Damaging Sins of Social Media

When dealing with Social Media, it is a whole different world to many. You must be sociable, you must have information, and then your attitude is always a very important factor. Some of these “sins” are normal practices, and some are done by people just not paying attention. These are just some points that I have observed and gathered in the past few months that I wanted to share. Maybe you have noticed some of the same? Maybe some of these are your habits? Please read:

1. Screaming network with a clique motive – These people wear the badge of “Network”, but are wearing the “Lone Ranger” hat. It is all about them, their people, and the people they grant “their approval” on. Social Media is networking, communications, crowd sourcing, connecting, reaching out, pointing in, providing info, and doing your […]