Social Media – The Act of Being Sociable… Online

Social Media has now joined the ranks of a “must have” outlet for businesses in the past year. It used to be “just for fun” or an option, but as users increase, the dangers of not having a social presence can be very dramatic. For many businesses it has, or will become, the determining factor as to if your business will even survive. The reason being is that potential clients that already have a connection through social media and networking feels as if they “know” that business even if they have never met.

When I was in Vegas several months ago at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party at the Luxor, Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos (@Zappos on Twitter) and Christa Foley – Zappos Recruiting Manager (@Electra on Twitter) both contacted me on the @AskAsheville Twitter handle ready to meet […]

G Social Media on YouTube – Videos

G Social Media has been doing YouTube videos and accounts for many companies for awhile now. We finally decided to get him in front of the camera so some of you can meet him face to face.

Here are the videos:

G Social Media in Asheville North Carolina

Making Social Media Simple

G Social Media talks on Twitter, Facebook, Networking & more…

“I hope I can help you with some of my Social Media and Social Networking videos. If you have any questions, please ask me them!!! Oh, please rate and comment on the videos too! I will love you forever, lol.”

11 Tweeters You Will Meet in Twitter Heaven

If there is a Twitter Heaven, these are some of the peeps that I expect to see… These Are They:

1. The Networker – These are the people that connect. They reach out to other people and companies all across the world on Twitter. They look for things that are similiar instead of seeking out differences. They have a live and let live, tweet and let tweet attitude. They understand that each business is different, each company has a certain niche, and not everyone has to be like them. They follow and follow back. The “Networker” is their name and impartially networking is their passion.
2. The Contributor – These are the folks who love to help, inspire, and contribute tips and information to help others with their social media, business, industry and life. These people are farmers. They cultivate the Twitter land. They […]