Why We Hate Social Media… the tale of “her”


A tale of Social Media by G:

1. Social Media is New: Have you ever seen a new person come into “your business” or the company you have been working for and just soar? I mean, here she comes strutting her stuff in MY place, an area I have worked for years and years. She looks HOT! But I would never say because she competes with everything I know and have been trained to think. So I am predjudiced. Mr. Web Designer and Mr. Code Man both say they know her somewhat, but those are vague terms that “they” say about anything that looks good. She is fast, friendly, and boy does she get the job done! Her name is Social Media… our newest staff member.

2. Social Media is Fast: And I really thought that I was good, lol. In the time it takes me to make a few good contacts; she had made hundreds and thousands. Not fair! I have paid my dues, learned what they taught me, and this bitch goes speeding right on by. What is going on? Suddenly everyone feels the “need for speed” and I am falling behind just watching her work it. She doesn’t even really pick up the phone and make that traditional human “one on one” contact. This can’t be!

3. Social Media is Broad: I had a nice client base set up, I followed up on them regularly, and here she comes bringing in people from all over the world, capturing them as prospects, and her human team is converting them to clients in record time. Wow! I really thought I had a vision before I met her. She is like SuperWoman to me.

4. Social Media is Proven: It took me so long to prove myself to my people, my company, my boss, and my corporation. She comes on the scene and is promoted in weeks! How dare she prove her effectiveness!!! I know there are some minor issues with her, maybe; but she picks up so quick, we dare not feast on them. I am just waiting for the day she messes up big and even her clients will come running to me. I kinda know this day will never come to pass, but it sounds good… at least to me and my group of friends. She laughs and lovingly calls all of us “Haters”. I leave work and she stays, happily working away. I go home, think about her for a few hours, and go to sleep mad once again. I wake up with only “her” on my mind. As much as I’d hate to say it; she has proven herself to me.

4. Social Media Is: Finally, I step back and make peace and friends with the Lady that is leading the way. She is so so fine! She networks, she connects, she reaches, she exhibits impartiality, she attracts, she consummates. I think I am falling for her. I spend some time with her… we flirt, we work, we play, we start doing things together. Soon we speak of each other as a team… “us!”. We are One!

Today, I admit that I am in love with Social Media & damn proud of it. She is my teammate; working and bonded together forever. Yes! If she would let me put a ring on her finger I would; and then scream uncontrollably… “I Do!”. Social Media, I love you!!!

p.s. See You Soon Baby Doll!

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