Why marketers should love G Social Media

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I do social media. I have been in this field for years. I practice this lifestyle in person and online. I do it for myself and I work it for my clients. I love to make connections. In my industry, and among a lot of my local peeps, there is a consistent sense of unwarranted competition. There need not be. I compliment business in general. I do not “steal” clients and I am supportive of the work of others. Here is why Marketers should love me:

1. I do balanced and correct social media, for my clients, your clients, and/or by being a ghost marketer.. where I do the work for your clients, for you, behind the scenes, never disclosing myself if necessary.

2. I do not compete – Loyalty is big part of what I do. Some marketers already have their clients in place and it would be unethical to solicit them directly. Sometimes marketing experts want me to be in direct contact with the clients, sometime they don’t. Either way my commitment to my clients, your clients, and project as a whole is the same.

3. I love to train and empower – Sometimes marketers and PR experts do not want to give away “marketing secrets” to their clients, and put the power in their hands; but if you want me to set up your social media and then you take it from there, it is fine with me. I can show you have to maintain or you can source it out to me. The choice is yours.

4. I am a freelance agent, not looking for a job – Job security is important, especially in these tough economic times. When I come on the scene and their is already a marketer or marketing team in place; their job is never in jeopardy. Everyone likes to tell their client they “can do everything” so it is hard for marketers to reach out and source out for help when needed sometimes. I come in, reinforce, rebuild, and train you how to be more effective doing your job… not taking your job.

5. I will make you look good – Social networking and media is no longer a pastime game. If you are going to use it; use it right. Make it fun and profitable for you, your business and your clients. I can help greatly in this area. I love teamwork and would welcome being a part of your team. I can be your social media man!

6. Your company will do better – Everyone wants results. I can make it happen for the company in need. Social media is the way to initiate and build connections; leading to business. If used properly, all of us will do great.

7. We will all win –  And we will all live happily ever after. Doesn’t everybody love a happy ending? I know I do.

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