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Website Design & Development

Website design & development has always been a top priority for our team. Being successful on social media means that you also have a “home base” website that we could direct folks to. It is imperative that this website be stellar and represents your company well. A “broken website” is a sign of a broken business that cannot handle the needs of their customers.

Design & Branding

Creating a consistent company image across all website and social media platforms is extremely important for the identity of your business. Your branding is very important as this is many times the 1st thing potential clients sees when they find you on the Internet. If you have a designer already in place, we work with them for your success. If not, our team will work with you to create an amazing branding solution that fits in perfectly with your website layout and online marketing objectives.

Web Development

We work with many companies who already have a wonderful web developer in place. If you do not have one, our development team is fluent in html, php, css flash and cms (content management system) based web development platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and other platforms. We would do an evaluation, determine the purpose and mission of the site, and offer a strategic layout for your web presence. We work with outside web designers to make sure the social aspects and components are added to your website.

Mobile App, Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design & Development

If a mobile app is what we determine your company needs after our strategic evaluation, then by all means we would pursue that direction with you. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is now more of a must for savvy business owners than ever. With responsive design and development, your website will show correctly on all devices from a large desktop computer, to a tablet or pad, mobile phone, or smart watch.