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Social Media Packages


Social Media Packages can and should be customized and fit to meet your specific needs as a business. For some of you, video content may be the key. For others, posting blogs or SEO may be what is needed. This is what our strategic team will determine.

Sample Social Media Packages

A Social Media “Package” is determined after we evaluate what type of business you have, what you already have in place, and what you wish to accomplish. Some businesses can monetize easily on Facebook, or Instagram; while others need to focus on blogging, or Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and a combination of other platforms. Many times it is all of the above depending on how aggressive of a campaign you wish to launch.

Social Media Campaigning

Content distribution comes after your content is developed. Using the proper social media to distribute your posts at the right times is vital. We provide our clients with superb online exposure through the use of popular social media marketing networks, search engines and viral marketing.

We are based in Asheville North Carolina, but can easily pick up and travel as needed for social media, training, events, and a variety of other endeavors upon our clients request. We are extremely experienced in documentation using video, photography, and the written word. We can spend a day or two at your on-site location and create enough polished and social content to last a month.