Living in a smartphone world

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I do not really understand how we made it before we had smartphones. Looking back I can remember the beeper days where someone would call your beeper number, put their number in, and we would get a notification to call them. We actually had codes that we added to the end of the number so we knew who it was. If I received a phone number such as 788-2146 #999, I knew it was my friend Al because of the #999 code.

Then we went to car phones and bag phones. And finally the 1st cell phone came out and they were big and cool. Seeing someone walk around the neighborhood talking on the phone was rare, and we considered these people rich and way ahead of the times. They had it like that! Today, cell phones have gotten a lot smaller and a lot more affordable. Just about everyone has one. Cell phones have changed the world of communications. You are not only available at any given time, but you could contact someone whenever you want.

Now, smartphones are the devices to have. At my fingertips… I can call people, text, browse the Internet, check my calendar at any moment, and take notes. On my Blackberry, I also have a variety of applications such at Uber Twitter, Facebook, Twitvid and many others. I can connect with my social world at anytime. I can go out to dinner alone and still “be with” hundreds of other people through my smartphone. I can be out with a group of people in silence because we are all communicating on our devices. (In the photo above – Gary, Ryan and Catherine on their smartphones and drinking craft beer at the Asheville Pizza Company)

Remember the days when you were out with a bunch of people and tried to remember something or had a question that nobody could answer? It was on the tip of your tongue but never made it out. You thought and wondered, sometimes for hours. This does not happen to me anymore. I pull up my browser, hit Google and I ask. The answer pulls up in seconds. Done!

Yes, today I live in a smartphone world and I love it. Social media and networking is made much easier when you have the proper tools and when you are able to take your smartphone with you anywhere you go. Thank you technology!

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