KC Tap + Table – Eating at the Marriott – Kansas City Airport

Hotel restaurants don’t necessarily have a good name, and sometimes their food follows suit. It’s supply and demand. You are hungry, and the closest place to eat is at the hotel where you are staying. Convenience, but maybe at the cost of quality. When I arrived at the Kansas City Airport, I headed over to the Marriott and I was hungry. The name of the restaurant inside was KC tap + table. I never expected that this hotel restaurant & bar would be so great. Not only did the staff welcome us with open arms, but the food & drinks were kind of amazing!

Ahi Tuna KC Tap + Table Marriott Kansas City

The Ahi Tuna plate was amazing, with a mustard type sauce to go along with it!

Crab Cakes KC Tap + Table Marriott Kansas City

I only eat Crab Cakes that have lots of crab, and these did. So delicious!

Flatbread Pizza KC Tap + Table Marriott Kansas City

The Flatbread Pesto Pizza was so yummy!

Cocktails at KC Tap + Table Marriott Kansas City

Of course we hit cocktail hour a few times, hanging out on their beautiful patio outside, or sitting at the bar. The whole experience at this place, including the front desk Marriott staff, was perfect. Thank you.

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