Food Photography in Asheville featuring Chiesa Italian Restaurant

Chiesa Italian Eatery Asheville NC

If you have been to the Asheville area, the food scene is tremendous. One of our favorite Italian restaurants in the area is Chiesa. When they first opened years ago, we stopped by and had a great experience. We have been back many times since, and each time they hit a home run. While I was there recently celebrating with some family, I pulled my camera out and took these photos to remind me of how good it all tasted, and to show you what they are working with over there. Deliciousness!

Beet Salad at Chiesa Italian Restaurant Asheville

This beet salad was to die for. I love beets! Know that right now.

Stuffed Mushrooms at Chiesa Asheville Italian

These stuffed mushrooms were some of the best I’ve ever had. Probably because of their farm-to-table approach.

Scallops at Chiesa Italian Asheville Restaurant

The Scallops were amazing, and the sauce accented it perfectly!

Asheville Dinner at Chiesa Italian Restaurant

A good old Italian dinner, with a little shrimp addition!

Pesto Shrimp Scampi at Chiesa Italian Asheville

This is the Pesto Shrimp Scampi, and it was so good!

Cocktails & Martinis at Chiesa Italian Restaurant Asheville

Martini to cleanse the palate while eating this Italian feast!

Chiesa Asheville Ice Cream

Gotta get some ice cream for dessert

Peaches and Panna Cotta at Chiesa Italian

Panna Cotta with peaches on top. Yes!

Chiesa Asheville Italian Restaurant

So beautiful and inviting from the outside.

Chiesa Italian Food Restaurant Asheville

Chiesa means “Church” in Italian, and they are located in an old church on Montford Avenue, 3 minutes from downtown. Find out more information about this delicious Italian restaurant in Asheville on the Chiesa website.

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