Cailler Chocolate Comes To The USA, Met Them In NYC

Cailler Chocolate NYC

I had never tried Cailler Chocolate until today. We were headed to New York City and noticed that they were setting up a pop-up store, so we made plans to go. When we walked in, we were greeted by a sample of their delicious chocolate at the door. They knew we would get hooked and it happened. We continued in to look around at all of the chocolates they had. We also got to experience their story in virtual reality, have a chocolate “tasting” at a little bar they had set up, and get a custom made greeting card that was so personal and crafted, just for us. We walked out of there with three boxes and I hope they last forever. Cailler does not have a store in the USA yet, but they are testing the waters, and seeing how our Country responds to their deliciousness. And yes, they have my vote!

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